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Jaisalmer Second Day Tour Package

Jaisalmer is a beautiful place that you will fall in love with instantly. A great holiday destination, Majestic Cabs helps you explore the ancient town, reminiscent of the great Indian heritage. The golden sand, the huge Fort, the Camel Safari, everything about Jaisalmer seems just out of fairy book transporting you into a magical era. Nature has played a great role in making this bustling historic town truly incredible. The people too have done well to carve grand architecture with intricate details that has held over time, making the city come alive with charming beauty and lot of adventure! If you are Jaisalmer Tour Package, Jaisalmer city sightseeing Taxi/ Cab/ Car, Majestic Cabs offers you the best in service.
Total Trip Duration – 8hrs
Ideal Starting Time -- 9 A.M

Our Fare is

Cars Fare
Sadan 5 Seater:- Rs. 1500/-
SUV(Innova) 7 Seater:- Rs.2000/-
Tempo Traveller 12Seater:-Rs. 3500/-
14Seater:- Rs.4000/-
16Seater:- Rs.4500/-
Mini Bus 21Seater:- Rs.5500/-

Sites Covered

Lodurva Relive the past of Jaisalmer, in this small obscure village. The capital city of Bhatti Rajputs, Lodurva was deserted after the city of Jaisalmer was built by King Jaiswal. A village with rustic charm, dotted by cactus plants, they add a touch of green to the barren sandy landscape. Standing tall with its daunting presence in these vast, wild surroundings is the beautiful Jain temple built in the 12th century. The typical Dilwara architecture arches and alluring Jaali work in sandstone mesmerize with their intricate details. If you are lucky, you may be able to see the joyous celebrations of peacocks dancing, if it rains as peacocks are in great numbers in this lovely village. If you are looking for Jaisalmer Tour package or Car rental in Jaisalmer, Majestic Cabs is your trusted partner for Luxury Cabs in Jaisalmer.
Timing – Open all days, 8 AM – dusk
Entry Fee – Indians – NIL, Foreigner – INR 10 per person
Duration – 45 minutes

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Bada Bagh

A charismatic place, visit to the Bada bagh will leave you enthralled. The beautiful landscape offers amazing maize of magnificent chatris or cenotaphs of various Maharajas of Jaisalmer. In the monsoons, the rains splurge the place making it verdant green adding to the magnetism of the Bada Bagh. Intricate artwork of the chatris with inscriptions echoes the rich culture and powerful heritage of the city. The statue of the King atop the horse and the carvings of his wives reflect the glorious past of the city. The garden is well nurtured by the dam, the Jait Bandh. A great jewel in the desert of Rajasthan, the Bada Bagh is a must visit. Majestic Cabs is your trusted companion for a visit to this adventurous city, if you are searching for Taxi/Cab rental in Jaisalmer, Tempo traveller in Jaisalmer or Car on rent in Jaisalmer.

Timings Open all days, 8 AM – 6 PM
Entry Fee Indians – INR 20-50 per person, Foreigner – INR 50-100 per person
Camera INR 20-100, Camcorder – INR 50-150
Duration 1 hour
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Vyas chatri

Eerie, yet beautiful, the Vyaas Chatri commemorates those who were cremated here. Known for its scenic beauty, the Vyas chatri is still used as a cremation ground for the Brahmins. The various cenotaphs are dedicated to Rishi Vyas who wrote the epic Mahabharata. Built with yellow stone, these memorials reflect the grandeur of the era gone by. Intricate carvings and details make a visual delight with the amazing backdrop of the rustic, sandy landscape. The sun plays its own part adding to the mystic charm of the place. Sounds from the Algoza, the double flute played by men in traditional Rajasthani attire, reverberate on the sand stirring the souls of the visitors and the visited!

Timings Open all days, 8 AM – 7.30 PM
Entry Fee INR 100 per person Camera - INR 100 including mobile phone
Duration 45 minutes

For more details, you can Contact Mr.CS Rathore at +91-7737735741

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Restaurants for Lunch

After experiencing the mystic charm of Lodurva, Bada Bagh and Vyas Chatri, treat yourself to an exquisite lunch at any of the restaurants.
The Lal Garh– Italian, Indian, Asian
Hotel Pol Haveli Restaurant – Indian, Asian
Cafe The Kaku – Italian, Chinese, Indian, Rajasthani (Vegetarian Friendly)
After a delicious lunch, get ready for a spooky trip to Kuldhara and Khaba Fort. Post this, you can choose to spend your evening witnessing the ripples of sand in the Sam Sand Dunes or at Khuri village. You can enjoy the rustic legacy of Rajasthan at both places with folk music, dance and great food!

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Kuldhara Haunted Village

Kuldhara, the legendary haunted village of Jaisalmer is an interesting twist in the entire trip. Though, it does not have the royal splendour as most places in Rajasthan, instead the ruins tell a tale more intriguing than any of the long standing forts and palaces of Rajasthan. Inhabited by the Paliwal Brahmins in the 18th century, it was deserted in one night by the residents. The broken remnants tell the tale of how an entire community stood behind their Chief to save his daughter from the clutches of the local ruler. Cursed, the village was never inhabited again. Visit the silent ruins, the only witness to the 200 year old saga with Majestic Cabs, the best choice for Cabs on Rent for Jaisalmer.

Entry Fee NO FEES
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Khaba Fort

Not far from Kuldhara stands the Khaba Fort in the midst of the rugged landscape. Surrounded by mystery, the Fort is now ruined, but still the intricate details, the towers and the beautiful windows are stark reminders of the once prosperous legacy. The Fort houses a museum with artefacts besides offering a great view of the abandoned Kuldhara village. If you are looking to walk in the ramparts of an old eerie Fort and relive its mystic charm, Khaba Fort is the one. Majestic Cabs brings this rustic experience with dusty streets dotted by peacocks walking elegantly. Being the best choice for Cars on Rent for Jaisalmer, Majestic Cabs offers a comfortable journey to Khaba Fort.

Timing Open all days, 8 AM – 6 PM
Entry Fee INR 10 per person
Duration 45 minutes
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Sam Sand Dunes

One of the most enthralling sights that is a must visit on the trip to Jaisalmer, the Sam Sand Dunes are truly mesmerizing. Rising more than 30 meters, these Sand dunes offer a breathtaking view. The picturesque phenomenon created by the winds, the ripples on the vast expanse of sand make you feel like a small speck in the Cosmos. The regional ambience in the desert camps adds to the mystic aura of the dunes with cultural folk music, dance bonfires and delectable food. Majestic Cabs, your partner for an exciting tour of Jaisalmer offers the best Cabs on Hire/ Cars on Rent for Jaisalmer.

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Khuri Village

A small village, Khuri casts its magical spell, the moment you enter it. The infinite spread of sand, the vastness is overwhelming. A rustic village experience, Khuri is all about authentic village life, thatched mud roof houses, folk music and dance and sand dunes, Khuri offers an exotic experience that grows on you with time. Enjoy the aesthetic beauty of the sand and the sand dunes, as the warm wind whispers tales of infinity and beyond. Get enchanted with delicious meals around a bonfire with folk lore, music and dance and remember it for a life time. Majestic Cabs, favourite choice for Car rental in Jaisalmer brings this amazing experience. If you are looking for Luxury Cabs in Jaisalmer or Tempo Traveller in Jaisalmer, Majestic Cabs is your best companion.

Entry Fee NO FEES

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For more details, you can Contact Mr.CS Rathore at +91-7737735741

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