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Enjoy an escapade into the desert with Majestic Cabs, the best Luxury Cab in Jodhpur! Enjoy the surreal view of the vast expanse of the Thar Desert viewed from the camel safari. Share moments of magnificence on the third day of Jodhpur Sightseeing tour with mesmerizing temples, the desert, camels and local culture all bundled into one unforgettable day. The trip to Osian is a once in lifetime experience with a plethora of activities. The Jeep Safari can be an added attraction as you travel through the Thar conquering the sand dunes. Being your best choice for Taxi in Jodhpur, Majestic Cabs brings you an enthralling experience as a Jodhpur Sightseeing Taxi service!

Our Fare Is

Cars Fare
Sadan 5Seater:- 9/KM
SUV(Innova) 7Seater:- 11/KM
Tempo Traveller 12Seater:- 14/KM
14Seater:- 16/KM
16Seater:- 18/KM
Mini Bus 21Seater:- 26/KM

About Majestic Cabs

Experience the mystical and timeless charm of the desert, with Majestic Cabs, your best option for Taxi rental in Jodhpur. Experienced, professional with skilled and polite drivers, Majestic Cabs offers a vista of SUVs, Sedans and Tempo Travelers for an enthralling journey. Book now, for an adventurous trip to Osian if you are looking for Car in Jodhpur/ Car for Osian/ Cab on Hire for Osian.


The Oasis of the Thar, Osian is a place that quenches the soul with its architectural splendor, transcendental beauty emanating from the exotic temples. Bearing testimony to the times, the calmth and serenity of the temples overpowers the senses. The camel safari in Osian and the jeep safari in Osian offer adventurous options to see the desert in all its expanse reaffirming the magnitude of the cosmos. The local culture with its rich heritage and warmth smiling across the people lifts the spirit to another realm. Visit Osian with Majestic Cabs and give the traveler inside you a new taste of wonder. You can end it with a dinner at Osian with campfire and folk music to enchant you or you can choose to stay back and enjoy a thrilling desert camp in Osian. Book us now for Adventure in Osian or desert safari in Osian.

The Temples

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Sachiya Mata Temple

Revered by both Hindus and Jains, the Sachiya Mata temple is an architectural wonder. Nine beautifully carved archways at the entrance lead into the serene temple complex. Adorned by images and sculptures of Hindu deities, the temple is dedicated to Sachiya Mata or Indrani, the consort of Indra, the rain-God. Built in phases from 8th to 12th century, this old temple has elaborate ceilings with two more shrines dedicated to Amba Mata and Chandi Mata within the complex. Varaha, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu as the Boar and Goddess Lakshmi with Vishnu ji, can also be seen. Visit the temple for its soul stirring beauty and take home pious memories with Majestic Cabs, the best choice for Cabs for temple in Osian.

Timings Sunrise to 1 hour after sunset (6.00 AM – 7.15 PM)
Navratri open till 10.00 PM
No entry fees
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Jain Temple

Dedicated to Lord Mahavira, this beautiful temple is an architectural marvel. The peace and serenity experienced in this intricately carved temple remains with you for a long time to come. The beautiful paintings and carvings in the temple depicting the life of Lord Mahavira and Jain culture present an alluring charm that stirs the soul. The main sanctum has Lord Mahavira made from sand and milk with a coat of gold. Take home the tranquility and blessings of the 24th Jain Tirthankara with unforgettable memories. Majestic Cabs gives you the best of temples in Osian with a comfortable and luxury ride in any of its Cabs on Hire for Osian.

No entry fees

For more details, you can Contact Mr.CS Rathore at +91-7737735741

The Lunch

After a spiritual trip to invoke the soul, venture into a gourmet journey to satiate the pangs of hunger. Offering a delightful platter of Indian, Vegetarian, Rajasthani food, you can enjoy lunch at the various restaurants in Osian.
The Swad Restaurant, Indian cuisine
The Osiyan Restaurant, Vegetarian
The Real Thar Restaurant

The Camel Safari

Sit atop a camel and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Thar. As the sun begins to settle in the Thar, the desert illuminates in a picturesque glitter. While the sun plays with the folds of the sand, the camel safari offers a royal feast for the eyes. The infinite expanse of the Thar is an enriching experience. The view of the beautiful sand dunes and the rocky terrain in the evening dusk leave you mesmerized. Enjoy the camel safari in Osian with this enthralling tour from Majestic Cabs, the best choice for adventure in Osian desert.

The Jeep Safari

You can choose the Jeep Safari in Osian in place of the slower ships of the desert, the camels. Explore the rustic beauty and the lazy charm of the villages of the Thar. View the enigma of the barren land, the shifting shades of the shimmering sand as the sun flirts with the golden dust. Discover the secrets of Rajasthan, the local culture, amazing lifestyle and warmth of people in far off distant villages. Get a glimpse of the wild life, antelopes, desert fox and other wild animals as the jeep traverses the difficult terrain. With Majestic Cabs, the best Car on Hire for desert safari near Jodhpur, be assured of enjoying the thrill and adrenaline rush of desert safari in Osian.

Dinner/ Desert Camp in Osian

After the tiring thrill of the camel or jeep safari, you can give your exhausted body, a rejuvenating dinner with night stay in Osian or a dinner and cultural program in Osian. It is an exhilarating experience, a wonderful mix of exotic cuisine and cultural panorama. Experience the amazing hospitality of Osian, delectable flavors with enchanting music and enthralling dance performances with a burning bonfire to invoke relaxation! Majestic Cabs, the best Cabs for Jodhpur to Osian taxi are your greatest partners in this thrilling adventure. You can choose to travel back with us to Jodhpur from Osian after the fine dining experience or you choose to stay overnight for a night camp in Osian or one night stay in Osian and enjoy a royal camping experience with Desert Camp in Osian!

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For more details, you can Contact Mr.CS Rathore at +91-7737735741

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